At StrategiQ, you’ll hear us talk a lot about Why? We believe it’s the most important question when it comes to understanding a business and defining an effective strategy to achieve its goals.

So, what’s our Why?

Simple really.

We believe integrated marketing is about ideas and creativity, but to be truly successful it must be underpinned by a robust strategy based on business needs.

“We believe your marketing agency should care about your business as much as you.”


Having a broad range of in-house expertise means we can deliver all aspects of an integrated marketing campaign – strategy, creative and tech. We handpick our suppliers and partners to ensure our exacting standards are met, which guarantees a consistent service delivery. This avoids the frustrations experienced when different agencies work on different elements of a campaign.


We have processes in place that allow our teams to scale with you as your business grows and your marketing demands increase. We realise the last thing you want is to outgrow your agency and have to reinvest time and energy building a new relationship with someone else. If the partnership’s working, why break it up?


You know your business and industry better than anyone, so we’re not here to tell you what to do – nobody wants a dictatorship. Your ideas and input are vital, so we want you to be involved and engaged throughout the process. We aim to be a partner you can trust and depend upon to plan and deliver your integrated marketing strategy.


For us, great service means doing exactly what we’ve said we’re going to do, while looking for ways to exceed expectations. Delivering what’s been agreed, on time, on budget, and in a professional manner, is one of our fundamental principles. We believe a personal, friendly service based on complete transparency and accountability leads to long-term partnerships and results we’re all proud of!